Voice Lessons

Here at Branch Out, we believe everyone should have access to music and theatre. That’s why we work with KWB Academy to provide music lessons!

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Audition Prep Voice Lessons

Branch Out is now offering Audition prep voice lessons for those preparing for upcoming auditions within the community.  These lessons are designed to help identify and correct vocal technique problems you may be encountering, prior to your audition. Having trouble belting? We will recommend some tips and tricks to help you get there. Having trouble hitting that last high note? We’ll teach you some exercises and techniques to help extend your range.

Things to remember:

1) Lessons DO NOT guarantee a place in a BOP cast.
2) These lessons are designed to help quickly identify problem areas and offer suggestions for how you can start to work on them. Proper vocal technique isn’t learned in a day, and proper lessons over a long period of time are suggested for any long term goals.
3) If you are preparing for a BOP audition, remember these lessons are not to gain insight into what the BOP creative team is looking for. We still want to see YOUR unique interpretation of the character. A crucial part of the audition process is seeing your creativity.

The cost is $20 for a half hour lesson. You are welcome to book more than one lesson if you wish.




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