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In the tight-knit, Puritan town of Salem, a group of girls are discovered dancing in the woods and then immediately fall ill. When no earthly cause can be identified, fear and suspicion begin to percolate in the small, isolated community, that something larger, more fearsome, and other worldly may be to blame. Buried secrets and resentments are brought to light, and attempts to root out evil lead to finger-pointing, treachery, and betrayal. When everyone is a suspect, sometimes the most dangerous threat to the community may be the community itself.

Auditions are open to people of all genders, and races, aged 16+.

Auditions are Monday, Feb 5th,and Wednesday, Feb 7th, by appointment only (email: ben@branchoutproductions.ca)

Auditionees must find and prepare a dramatic monologue. (Max. 1 minute)

All parts are open to all auditionees regardless of gender or race except the role of Tituba, who will be played by a person of colour.
As always, trans and non binary people are encouraged to audition.

Show details (dates, venues etc. TBD ASAP)

We will also be casting a small group of vocalists/musicians – details to follow.

All auditionees are encouraged to read the script in it’s entirety prior to auditioning.



 Branch Out Productions is looking to wrap up the school year with our next production: Seussical Jr! “Oh, the thinks you can think” when Dr. Seuss’ best-loved characters collide and cavort in an unforgettable musical caper!

Auditions are open to children in grades K – 8.

Cat in the Hat: Full of mischief, fun, and imagination. Stirs things up and causes trouble, but always makes things right again. Helps JoJo discover the power of imagination. Isn’t afraid to be silly. Physical comedy role.

JoJo: A Thinker, a smart child with a wild imagination. He learns what it means to be a part of his own world using the power and possibilities of his own Thinks. Big sing for a younger actor.

Horton the Elephant: A gentle giant. Steadfast, reliable, and always tries to do the right thing for his friends. He is imaginative and open to the world around him. His view of the world never changes and he believes in it’s goodness. Strong singing role for a strong character.

Gertrude McFuzz: A bird with a one-feather tail. She’s self conscious and shy, but wants to get closer to Horton. Sweet singing role with character.

Mayzie La Bird: Self centered, selfish, and vain. She manipulates anyone she can into doing what she wants. She isn’t all bad, and does have her moments of self realization. Strong dancing and singing part.

Sour Kangaroo: A no nonsense mother kangaroo with a lot of attitude. Carries herself with authority. Loud, brassy, but actually very kind deep down. Big sing for a big personality!

Wickersham Brothers: A group of mischievous pranksters who get a kick out of teasing others. They are not bad guys, but their playing isn’t always appreciated. A fun part strong dancers!

Mr. and Mrs. Mayor: Who parents trying to raise a difficult Who child in a difficult Who world. They may get aggravated with him, but they love him dearly and try to do the right thing. Great parts a for a dynamic duo.

…and countless other colourful characters!

Email Kate@branchoutproductions.ca to book your audition time. Auditionees will be sent an audition package with selections to prepare for their audition time.

Location to be determined.