Book your audition at the bottom of this page!


Book your audition at the bottom of this page!

Travel deep into the 100 Aker Wood with everyone’s favourite silly old bear as we adventure with bees, balloons, boats and birthdays.

Auditions for this family classic will take place October 11 & 12 at the new BOP studio space at 800 St. Marys St and are open to ages 8 – 800, this show will feature a multi-generational cast.
There are readings to prepare in advance. Auditionees are encouraged to review the character breakdowns listed below and to prepare a character voice for their assigned readings.

Actors of varying race, ability and gender are encouraged to audition. These will not be contributing factors to casting this show.

Winnie-the-Pooh – played by adult. Pooh is innocence personified…as a bear. There is nothing in the world he loves and cherishes more than his friends. Well, except for honey. He is loyal, determined, naive, and definitely silly.

Christopher Robin- played by a child. The only human character in the Hundred Acre Wood! Everybody looks up to him as the ultimate in intelligence and authority. He is cheerful, compassionate, adventurous, fun-loving, and helpful.

Piglet – played by a child or an adult. Pooh’s best friend (aside from Christopher Robin). The smallest and the weakest of the grown characters in the wood, he is constantly having to deal with the emotional effects of being a runt. He is brave, loyal, loving, and tidy. He is a great role model because he shows the desire to prove himself, and that size doesn’t matter much at all.

Eeyore – played by an adult. An ‘old grey donkey’ with a detachable tail that he is prone to losing, but is very proud and protective of. He is pessimistic, gloomy, and doesn’t always have the best opinion of other animals in the forest. But he still loves his friends and family in spite of this.

Tigger – played by an adult. Tigger is sheer uncontrolled activity as a result of his hyperactive desire to have fun over everything else. He’s bouncy, sprouncy, and fun! Sometimes his actions present active dangers to his friends, but he is loyal and warmhearted overall.

Rabbit, played by an adult. A rabbit who often attempts to impose authority and control of the wood and nature of his friends, but usually fails. He means no harm, of course, but simply wishes for an easier and simpler life by having more control over it. He loves his friends and wants what’s best for them all.

Kanga and Roo – played by an adult and child (respectively). A kangaroo and her joey. Kanga is a symbolic mother to all the creatures in the wood, doling out good advice, sincerity, and patience. She also has a sharp sense of humor and is willing to play along in many of the games. Roo, on the other hand, is the fun-loving, innocent child of the group always ready to bounce into fun.

Owl – played by an adult or child. An owl who is the elder figure in the wood,. His maturity level is conflated with his intellectual level and the others often look to him for answers when Christopher Robin is not around. However, he is a bit scatterbrained and often makes the situation worse, as his intellect is not exactly as he leads them to believe it is, despite good intentions.

Rehearsals run Tuesday and Thursday evenings

This show will be part of the Fredericton Frostival

The exotic Orient Express is about to go off the rails! With a train full of suspects and an alibi for each one, it’s the perfect mystery for detective Hercule Poirot, n’est-ce pas? Wax your mustache and hold on to your passport—adapted from Agatha Christie’s masterpiece, two-time Tony-nominated playwright Ken Ludwig and director James Nowlan will take you on a suspenseful, thrilling ride aboard the legendary Orient Express!
Auditions for this production are open to actors aged 18+ and will take place Sept 27 and are by appointment.Rehearsals will be Monday and Wednesday evenings.
The Show will run Feb 6 – 8 as part of Fredericton’s Frostival.
Though there is nothing to prepare for this audition, auditionees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the characters outlined below and their accents.Characters:Colonel Arbuthnot- A Scottish solider in his 30’s. Admirable but also stupid.Ratchett – A middle aged American who gives off a sinister vibe.Hercule Poirot – a famous Belgian detective, takes pride in the details of his appearance and of his cases.

Michel – The french conductor of the Orient Express, honourable and dependable.

Mary Debenham – A British governess in her late 20’s. Beautiful but Stoic . Is said to have “Sad eyes”

Helen Hubbard – A middle aged socialite. Her gossip and nosiness, as well as her cultural chauvinism, marks her as distinctively American to some of the other passengers

Monsieur Bouc – Poirots’ friend, also Belgian. a wealthy playboy who owns the train company.

Princess Dragomiroff – An elderly Russian Princess marked by her strength of will and self possession.
Greta Ohlsson – A Swedish missionary , pious, sentimental and delicate.

Hector MacQueen- A 30 year old American man who works as Mr Ratchett’s assistant.

Countess Andrenyi- A beautiful, Cosmopolitan Hungarian noble woman in her 20’s

Head Waiter – (any age, any gender) Waiter in the restaurant in the opening scene